Our Testimonials

Overflow is a space that is always evolving in a way that feels helpful and nourishing. AREEGE has curated such an amazing space for people to connect on an artistic, intimate, and soul level that has truly been such a beautiful addition to my life. I love having a community of people to see me, support me, assist me, love and celebrate me. This is such an amazingly curated space and I love the way Areege operates the space from her highest and most authentic self. ~ Nicola Persaud

I loveeee being a part of Overflow and being enriched by such a nutrient dense community ❤️❤️❤️ Areege has created a space with such pure & pristine intentions and the energetics of that are really felt in the group - that we ARE operating from a place of overflow, of plenty, of fullness more often than not. And that was palpably felt making the shift to being inside. Not only is there a beautiful foundation for us to connect about the ins & outs of the creative process together (the Pouring Ceremonies fill my heart so much), but there is also an abundance of practical resources being shared & distributed in the group. It’s the best of both worlds inside: the creative, spiritual ~ethereal~ aspect for the dreamer inside of you✨, and the technical ~practical~ aspect for the doer inside of you⚡️. A true union of both. And as creatives & visionaries, it feels so special to be able to share our unfolding with others so it’s not just creation in isolation… but creation with intimacy, community, connection… what a blessing!! 😇 I love that this community exists & I love you Areege so much!! 🤍 ~ Kat Lea

OVERFLOW IS an expansive commUNITY and a crystalline council that offers a deeeeeply elevating and enriching experience IN so many ways! One of the things that I appreciate most about Areege and how She shows up as the holder of this space, IS her ability and WILLINGNESS to offer Her WHOLE Self by BEINg courageously vulnerable and authentic IN Her shares. IN BEINg Devoted to doing so, She provides a Highly conducive and supportive environment for others to do the same. As Areege INtegrates and crystallizes Her own Human experience(s), She always generously shares the lessons and Blessings of said experience(s) with the group for WE to learn from and through. The culture of this commUNITY as a result, INvites IN deep connection. Thank you for your Presence. Thank you for your depth. Thank you for the energy, Love and WELLth that you pour INto this space and INto us! I Love you Sister! 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 ~ Anja Todorovic

Celebrating @areegechaudhary in creating a community where us creative babes can be nourished in our creative energy, exploring entrepreneurial systems, and talking some mysticism with a crew of badass babes 🙌🎉 This resource has become a ritual in how I become immersed in my own creativity these last few months 💕 keeping me sane and in check as I slowly roll out this rebrand 🤌 Every entrepreneur needs entrepreneur friends to be their hype woman 🙌  ~ Bailee