Overflow's Mission Statement

First Landed: 09/03/22 βΈΊ Last Revised: 05/30/23

The energy of π‘‚π‘£π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘“π‘™π‘œπ‘€ (and subsequently this mystery school) is one of inherent abundance (specifically as it relates to our engagement with our outer worlds and our process of outward creation).


Resulting from the various historic ages that Humanity has walked through, many of us have been trained to engage with our external reality out of a sense of obligation.

'If I don’t do this then [insert consequence here].’ 

Many of us have been trained to engage with the process of creation from a sense of obligation... Exerting our life force in order to prevent a negative outcome.

More often than not, this is done from a state of depletion βΈΊ a pouring outwards before pouring INwards due to a sense of urgency & potential threat to survival.

Many of the structures that we see out there in our world today (including both the tangible & non-tangible) have been created from this energy.

The procedure of creation being:Β 

1. We notice that something within us is lacking. We notice that there is not enough of something in our lives & that we desire more

2. We conjure up an idea of a structure that can supply us with that specific resource we perceive we do not have enough of (e.g. money, external validation, protection)

3. We pour energy into the 3D & 4D realms to create an entire living entity (e.g. a business, a community, a technology) from this stream of motivation.

Do you see how the source energy of these creations is 'not-enoughness'?

So then why do we expect these same creations to provide us with the sensation of 'enoughness'?‍


While I recognize that this survival-based mode of creation may still be necessary for some in today’s world, I am also sensing an open space for something else emerging.

A mode of creation from our Ancient Future… Creation from Overflow.

This is a method where structures are established on the foundation of π‘šπ‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘’-π‘‘β„Žπ‘Žπ‘›-π‘’π‘›π‘œπ‘’π‘”β„Žπ‘›π‘’π‘ π‘ , rather than from π‘›π‘œπ‘‘-π‘’π‘›π‘œπ‘’π‘”β„Žπ‘›π‘’π‘ π‘ .


Through this system, the Self is poured into BEFORE outward creation is initiated.Β 

Through this system, the individual first builds up life force within (through a variety of different nourishment techniques) up to a certain threshold and then creation naturally flows outwards.

You may have already experienced this process in your own life...

...Those moments where you feel so FULL that all you want to do is share that FULLNESS outwards, with others.

THAT is what I am speaking to here. THAT state of Being βΈΊ 'IΒ create / IΒ engage / IΒ share because there is absolutely nothing else that I would rather be doing.'


The agenda behind the creation is simply the process of pouring outwards.

There is no expectation to receive anything specific back.Β 

We are not giving, solely to gain.

Instead, our motivations are fuelled by the expansive sensations that are naturally birthed from within.

The ones that inspire you to E X P A N DΒ Β Β O U T W A R D S.

To share Self.

To express Self.

To share LIFE.

To express LIFE.

Just because you can.


What would happen if we started to refine our creation process by intentionally infusing it with the energy of Overflow?

What would our structures & organizations (and therefore our worlds) begin to look like?

How would our lives transform?


The answers to these questions are precisely what I am desiring to study within the walls of this mystery school.

Will you join me?

βΈΊ Areege Chaudhary (Founder of Overflow the Mystery School)